FACT mix 358- JETS

Jimmy Edgar x Machinedrum

This mix is sick.

Machinedrum - New Beats Teaser 2012.

Machinedrum is my favorite producer right now; too good. Can’t wait to hear the full songs for all of these.


i meant to post this earlier but better late than never. i went to see heathered pearls, ital, machinedrum, and sepalcure in brooklyn this past thursday!! so so much energy, i was in straight drunken euphoria. travis stewart and his mustache as machinedrum? GOTDAMN.

and then praveen sharma joined him for sepalcureā€¦ pure bliss. pure bliss. pure bliss. pure bliss.

I was at this show, it was amazing. Machinedrum destroyed the place; best live electronic music set I’ve ever seen.