Batman by Aaron Kerr


'Week nights at 8'


"After my last child left the house, it really hit home that at the end of every life is loneliness." 

(Mexico City, Mexico)


Tattoo done by Adrian Edek.



Tattoo done by Sergey Vaskevich.



Shaken Batman
"Lord Death Man Part 1"
By Jiro Kuwata


Kali, finished! Thanks very much Kayleigh.

“Nevertheless, the alternative to Title II “Common Carrier” reclassification appears to be the destruction of the free market, the tyranny of monopoly pricing, Dantean customer service, and the gradual erosion of the World Wide Web as it comes fully under the control of the handful of corporations who have absolute power, under current regulations, to manipulate and suppress competition in more and more lucrative online marketplaces. Given the dynamic role the Web has to play in the commerce and discourse of the 21st century, this outcome is simply unacceptable, despite the inevitable costs of regulation. For these reasons, I support regulation of the Internet. If you’re a conservative defender of free markets and free peoples, then you should, too.”


@tcn_shop Erlangen Germany by caiopineiro


Batman: Year Two — Todd McFarlane

Horseman of Death // Bruce Pennington 


Incredible work, everyone. These numbers are huge.

How huge? With 10,000 sites participating in yesterday’s net neutrality effort, a total of 304,993 calls got made. You made nearly half of them. Bravo. 

Also…which one of you made that 61 minute call? What’d you guys talk about? 

The fight isn’t over, by the way. You can follow themediafix and demand-progress to keep up with everything that happens from now until the FCC votes. 

Really want to know what that 61 minute call was all about…