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Detective Comics #275, January 1960, cover by Sheldon Moldoff


The two most important numbers to have on speed dial.


Our latest DAD Mix comes to us from Philly street bass capo Starkey.

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The last 20 minutes of this mix are disgusting(ly good).


Inner bicep panther for @maddisonmagick

The Bottom Line by Carl Icahn 


Among other things, I’m known to be a “reductionist.” In my line of work you must be good at pinpointing what to focus on – that is, the major underlying truths and problems in a situation. I then become obsessive about solving or fixing whatever they may be. This combination is what perhaps…

This is great on a number of levels.

The two Dereks.


A couple more commissions. I’m still open for commissions.

“I’m a human cat.”
Pyotr: I have no idea what I'm doing in this new Yahoo Backyard
tagsavage: You are in a Yahoo backyard. There is a skeleton here.
Pyotr: Walk to skeleton
tagsavage: Okay.
Pyotr: Walk to skeleton
tagsavage: You already did that!
Pyotr: Drink skeleton
tagsavage: I don't know how to drink skeleton.
Pyotr: Learn how to drink skeleton
tagsavage: You pull your Book of Learning from your weathered satchel.
tagsavage: Table of Contents
tagsavage: I. Potions
tagsavage: II. Beverages
tagsavage: III. Skeletons
tagsavage: IV. Swords
tagsavage: V. Advanced
Pyotr: Go to chapter III
tagsavage: "Skeletons: Much has been told of skeletons by our forefathers. They lay at rest until disturbed, at which point they move unpredictably and cause random damage. They can be eaten or drunk with the assistance of a grindstone and a goblet."
sultan: That's the whole chapter?
tagsavage: The script is rather large.
Pyotr: Place grindstone on skeleton
tagsavage: You remove a grindstone from your weathered satchel.
Pyotr: Place goblet on skeleton
tagsavage: You place the goblet on the skeleton. It appears to...move?
Pyotr: Take off shirt
tagsavage: You remove your shirt. The skeleton is now sitting upright.
Pyotr: Drink skeleton
tagsavage: You drink the skeleton.