It is true that Teachout is not an experienced politician. The experienced politicians in New York State are hacks and criminals. That is the situation that the New York Times editorial board would like you to believe it cares about.

Yet the Times will not back the nomination of someone who comes from outside of the state’s culture of political corruption—not some reckless crank, a goldbug or anti-vaccinationist or animal-rights activist, but a degree-holding product of Yale and Duke, a former law clerk, a person who works full-time at understanding the process of political reform.

What other credentials would the Times ask a political reformer to have? What makes Teachout a quixotic candidate, while Cuomo—who would not be the governor of New York if his father had not been the governor of New York—gets taken seriously?


STEAL THE NIGHT. A Barn Swallow on Jenna from Columbus. Memento mori piece for her late mother. Take care. mike moses


Lupe Vasconcelos:

Finally scanned.

'The Messenger (Ainigma)' 

China ink on paper





Rootsさん江 by fukushimahorimasu


Sakuran · Anno Moyoco


ask me about drawing robed people


Detective Comics #275, January 1960, cover by Sheldon Moldoff